Cause of Death

Cause of death was a gunshot wound to the left temple. No suicide note.

Not A Suicide?

The gun was found held in the victim's right hand.

Not a Suicide.

No fingerprints were found on the gun... not even the victim's.


Victim was taking medication for mood stabilization.

Electricity Bill

An exorbitant monthly energy bill.

Angry Customers

Victim had at least one customer with a grudge.

All Broken Up

Victim had just ended his "relationship" with The Sleazy Siameasy.


Victim had an argument with his business partner about money.

Unhappy Landlord

The victim's electricity bill was being paid by his landlord.

The Money Motive

The Crabby Tabby really wanted his money back.

The Bipolar Bear

A polar bear with a record of multiple run-ins with the law. Petty theft, speeding tickets, drug busts. Apparently he got involved in the manufacturing side of crime.

The Sleazy Siameasy

An escort barely operating on the side of the law. Exchanged catnip with The Bipolar Bear in exchange for her... ahem... company. Visited the victim on the day of his murder, claiming he was ending their arrangement.

The Craven Raven

A business partner in the victim's catnip operation. Found customers and handled the money side of things. Confessed to being caught cheating the The Bipolar Bear out of his share.

The Irrelevant Elephant

The victim's landlord. Went into the apartment that day to fix the plumbing. Claims to have seen The Craven Raven and The Crabby Tabby on the property.

The Crabby Tabby

An unsatisfied customer of the deceased's. Uses catnip for "medicinal purposes". Claims to have visited The Bipolar Bear around 3pm for a refund, and left after just five minutes.