Toilet Tank Lid

The murder weapon. Cracked, with the blood of the victim on it.

Neck Bruises

Strangulation marks. The formation of the prints indicate claws.

Soaked Feathers

Two feathers not matching the victim's coloration were found in the bathtub water.

Broken Quills

Pieces of quills were found within the open toilet tank.

Break Up Letter

A sordid letter written by the late victim, listing all the reasons why he wanted to break up.

Payment Due Bill

A collections notice from the Stricken Chicken, indicating the victim owed him money.

Old Picture

An old picture of the Throaty Coyote and the Borderline Porcupine holding hands.

Glass of Water

“The Vanilla Chinchilla, stop using the clues folder to store your stuff.”

Background Checks

The Pack Yak has been previously accused of murder.

Autopsy Report

The victim apparently suffered from poisoning, strangulation, drowning, and blunt force trauma.

McGuffin the Puffin

Male, early 20's. Found floating face down in his bathtub with his skull crushed. Background check didn't come up with anything besides a few speeding tickets.

“Pretty blameless guy by all accounts. He worked part time at a local Panda Express.”

The Stricken Chicken

A childhood friend of the victim. Seems to be genuinely saddened by his death.

“I have a final next week, so I was in my room studying until I went straight to bed at 8pm. I didn't hear a thing all day.”

The Throaty Coyote

The victim's girlfriend for four months.

“McGuffin was feeling poorly, so we stayed in bed all afternoon. At around 7, he said he was going to go make dinner and have a bath. When he wasn't back by 9, I went to go check on him. That's when I found him dead in the tub. I screamed and called the police immediately!”

The Borderline Porcupine

A once-friend of the victim. The cause of their falling out was a girl. Claims he saw Throaty Coyote fleeing from the scene of the crime earlier in the day.

Suspect refused to give a statement.

The Pack Yak

An almost total stranger who now regrets his decision to find room-mates on Croakslist.

“I had dinner in the living room. Around 7, I headed to bed - that's when I saw McGuffin in the hallway walking towards the bathroom. By 9, I was in bed when I heard the most blood-curdling scream from the bathroom.”